Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have been remiss and have not given proper credit where credit is due. In this post I had put forward a challenge to name the cast of characters starring in the Monster Mash Jib Jab video... mind you, it was really just a challenge for family since no one else could possibly know the different players... and for family it shouldn't have been any kind of challenge at all since we all know each other really well and no werewolf outfit or bride of Frankenstein wig would be able to fool any of us!

With that said, let me shout out a big congratulatory


to Marco who guessed the line-up correctly!

And now let me shout out an even bigger defamatory


to the Science Pundit who didn't recognize his own sister...

... and the biggest


of them all for Tia Sara who didn't recognize her own grandson!

Ok - enough of that. This post is titled beautiful, so let's get back to that. I named it that and started writing this post just as Radar was finishing up dinner this evening. I had my camera in hand and as I walked past his high chair he looked so serious... so I stuck out my tongue. He smirked at that, so I made googly eyes and burping noises. And that sent him into a mouth- filled-with-food giggle attack!!! Naturally I snapped a picture of each stage and when I scrolled through the pictures, that's the word that struck me.


He is beautiful!

If ever my whining about the challenges of living with a toddler leads you to doubt it, let me reassure you that I am overcome with what I feel for my son. I stare at him when he's awake and especially when he's asleep... every day... every night. I am overjoyed with his joy, I am in love with his blooming personality and I am totally overcome by how beautiful he is. So I named this post "Beautiful" before the sun set tonight.


And as I was typing the first couple of lines of this post, the room filled with pink light. I looked out the window and the setting sun was painting the sky and our whole world in pink and yellow. So I grabbed the camera and Radar and I and Fanny all ran outside.


Turns out that "Beautiful" was indeed a good word for today!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

New jigsaw puzzle: Sunset with Radar

Lali said...

OMG! 1) The sky looks fake. Did you photo shop a fake wonderful sky? 2) This should really be 1 but Radar is beautiful and perfect and I love him so freaking much. 3) The photo reel of Radar serious--> giggly monkey... fantastic.

I love this post and I love that Radar is so loved.

What I hate: I have to change my desktop background essentially every two days. I have super Radar with shark boots leaning against toy wall. Correction: had. I switched it to Radar and sunset.
I don't actually hate that.

Tia Lali

H and M B said...

What wonderful pictures of Radar. He is getting to be such a big boy! A beautiful big boy too, I just love his smile.

Marco said...

Great puzzle Javier, thanks! Titi, that is a fabulous sunset, you should have Radar & Fanny ready before sunset so you can incorporate it in photos. Thanks to mom for being clueless, thus allowing me to win the Jib Jab contest. Lali: I hope the finger painting photo has rotated in your backdrop at some point. Besos a todos!

Kelley's Kids said...

I agree, beautiful is the perfect word for those pictures...and that little guy of yours!

What a special mother you are! Kelley