Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting ready for my favorite Halloday

Ok, so my favorite holiday isn't actually Halloween. I think it's actually Thanksgiving... a holiday that isn't about gift giving and is about being together (and eating). But Halloween is most definitely my most 'fun' favorite holiday. When we were kids, my mom made our costumes (mom, you really need to find some of those pictures so I can post them) and our house was always the best on the block, with spooky music and decor galore!

Last year was Radar's first Halloween and I decided that I wanted this to be his most 'fun' favorite holiday too (if I can help it - although judging from his current interests, I think it might turn out to be some Nascar Race day). Anyway - since he was only 10 months old last year, he really wasn't that into it so I only went half-way... I had the scary music, we decorated the house (we even had a smoke machine) and Radar got dressed up (although I didn't make his costume).

Well, that was last year and this is this year. So I'm going off the deep end this year! I'm talking the works... homemade costumes, haunted house (well, at least the entrance way) and plenty of Halloween crafting (think ghost piƱata & severed finger cookies). And we will obviously be hosting the 2nd annual Radar Love Halloween costume contest, so put on your creative hats and get your cameras ready because this year there will be prizes!!!

But for tonight I'll just put up this little video to get you all in the spirit and the rest I'll be sharing along the way in posts leading up to the big day.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - First to leave a comment with the correct cast of characters from the video wins a boo.


The Science Pundit said...

Don't you mean "favorite Halladay?

Dr. Frank = Radar's Mom
Frank's Monster = Radar
Werewolf = I should know
Frank's bride = I should really know
Drac = Felipe

Becky said...

What is Radar going to be? Isaac's going to be a pirate. I'm teaching him to say ARGGGGGG

Tia Sara said...

Lali is Frankensteins wife; Felipe is Dracula but I don't recognize the rest.

Channel Dropout said...

Jason is VERY offended by this video. Why isn't Fantango the wolfman???

Marco said...

Frankenstein- Titi
Frankenstein's Monster- Radar
Werewolf- Xavier
Bride of Frankenstein- Lali
Dracula- Felipe

Great video!

Kelley's Kids said...


Viviana said...

I Love the video awesome!!!!