Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meet Skeletor... ain't he handsome?!

So.... after a long weekend of creation, this Dr. Frankenstein has made her monster!

Meet Skeletor.


and if you happen to think that the pug is looking at Skeletor
you would be wrong
she's looking at Radar's breakfast!


and if you happen to think that I'm a bit obsessive
or that I let this silly project take over
or that I'm in danger of losing myself to this project
well, then you just don't understand
you haven't seen the way
he looks at me
with those gorgeous
blue eyes!


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


littleharves said...

you are a one of a kind christena, don't go changing!!! xxx

The Science Pundit said...

Vewy nice!

angela said...

Good Job,, love it,,
Happy Halloween.

Becky said...

you crack me up! I love the halloween spirit! And just think, at christmas, a red coat and a beard????

Kelley's Kids said...

How funny! LOVE this post, can't stop laughing! Goodness I wish we lived closer, you would keep me laughing all the time :)

Tia Sara said...

Worth the wait!

Viviana said...

I need that esqueleton for my cementary in my front yard :)