Saturday, October 9, 2010

Off the creep end...

Ok, so it seems that the only way I know how to take Halloween seriously is to really go off the creep end! There's the blog redesign... you've obviously noticed that. I was up until midnight on Thursday night trying to figure out how to create my own background (to date I had only taken free templates, but now I know how to make my own... whoo hoo!)

But that's just the very tip of this Halloween insanity binge that has taken hold of me... the way I see it, I have four weekends to prepare for the big day and this weekend is a long one, so there's no time to waste... no bones about it!

Actually - there's plenty of bones about it! I should stipulate that this post is going to contain lots and lots of pictures of today's project with a blow by blow account in case anyone else out there wants to plunge off the creep end with me. I should also qualify this by saying that I have no idea how today's project will ultimately turn out since it's not nearly finished and maybe the final project will be a total disaster... no matter... that still wouldn't take the fun out of it.

So here goes...

What you'll need
plenty of newspaper
masking tape
cable ties (or string)
a stick or branch (about your spine's length and with a slight curve if you can find one)
papier mache glue (you can make this with flour & water)
air dry molding clay (I used an 18oz package)
round ballons (head sized)
plastic wrap

Halloween Project #2 (#1 was the blog redesign)
Papier Mache Skeleton

Step 1
roll up full newspaper pages starting at one corner and rolling diagnally
roll them nice and tight
I used about 20

Step 2
find a stick or branch with a slight curve and about the length of your spine
roll the stick up in the last sheet of newspaper (or two)

Step 3
fold and tape bones using your arm and leg bones as a guide
you'll want 4 leg bones and 4 arm bones
fold the sides in (I had to trim arms before folding)
leave 'loops' at ends of each bone

Step 4
thread cable ties (or string) through each arm/leg bone end
if using cable ties, tuck the lock into paper

Step 5
tuck a small rolled up paper through end so it looks like a little man
fold over and mold ends for the bones
remember, this is just for the 8 arm/leg bones

Step 6
loop two rolls into ribbons for the pelvic bones

Step 7
tape a bunch of ribs to your backbone
I used 6
it should look a bit like an old fahioned tv antenna

Step 8
fold ribs inward
bottom two ribs should curb up to 3rd bottom rib

Step 9
cut a small piece of cardboard for the breast plate

Step 10
tape pelvic bones to spine
tape them well since they'll need to hold the legs later
I also tied cable ties to the pelvic bones for that purpose

Ok - so your template should look a bit like this...

Now you're going to papier mache the whole thing which is a messy and time consuming step.
I made myself a work area by taping a sheet to the floor.
Which Radar seemed to really appreciate.

Step 11
I won't go through the steps of how to papier mache
since you can find that a million other places online.
I used a balloon to keep the ribs inflated as the soggy paper began to sink the ribcage.
At this point you'll also want to blow up a ballon and mache that as well.
The balloon should be about the size of a head.

Step 12
Set the bones and head out to dry overnight.
Tomorrow we'll have to do another layer and set it out to dry a second night.
If the phone rings and the police have questions...
...well, maybe you shouldn't have hung them outside to dry!

I found these instructions online and then I modified some steps a bit to get to my skeleton.
But those instructions told me to buy the skull because it's too hard to make.
I did do quite a bit of Halloween shopping today...

...but I couldn't find a skull, so this next part is purely my invention
which means it might really be a disaster.

Step 13
print out or sketch a very basic skull face onto an 8.5 x 11 in sheet of paper
get some plastic wrap out

Step 14
roll out some molding clay to the size of the paper
I just got the room dry type to keep things simple

Step 15
cut out your skull template, eyes and nose
use the template to cut out your skull face

Step 16
pinch down the sides of your skull to spread them our thinner
decorate your skull face with lines, breaks, teeth, etc.

Step 17
inflate a balloon to about the size of your papier mache balloon
drape your skull face onto the balloon so that it will dry in the right shape

Ok ladies and gentlemen... that's it for tonight. This silly project took up most of my day and it's not even done! And if you're asking yourself what I did with Radar during this whole project... well, I actually invited him to play with the papier mache, but mostly he wasn't interested (I confess I'm kind of glad - ie, less mess).
Instead, Radar opted to work in the kitchen and actually kept himself pretty entertained for most of the afternoon... what a little trooper!!!

More tomorrow!

Lots of Boo,
Titi and Radar

PS - No one has guessed the full lineup of characters from the video, so we still don't have a winner!


The Three Sams said...

holy cow! you have become the halloween craft queen! i was scrolling furiously down the page to see the end result...darn it I have to wait! can't wait to see it!!!

Tia Sara said...

So when do we see the finished product?

Radar's Mom said...

It's coming Tia... it's coming!

Kelley's Kids said...

Boy are you talented!