Sunday, October 17, 2010

A toddler pumpkin

If I thought that Radar's apathy toward the whole Halloween theme was bad, then I guess I'm forgetting that last year he really, really wasn't impressed. At least this year he likes balloons (that I'm using for my projects) and he panicked and cried at some ghost sounds I was recording earlier today and he's absolutely nuts about chocolate. "Kah-Keh" (chocolate) is a new word used with tremendous frequency in this house (second only to "carro" I believe).

So in a way, he's enthusiastic about the season... even if he doesn't realize it. Anyway - I'll take what I can get. And I figure since he's crazy about chocolate, maybe he'll want to actually go trick-or-treating if he realized that people are putting chocolate in his pumpkin!

That means we need a Halloween candy collecting pumpkin. And sure, I could go buy one...

... but that would take the fun out of it.

So I found a way to finally involve Radar in a Hallween project. With a papier mache balloon that I painted white and lined with plastic, we had our template.


As you can see, Radar has matured since the last time we finger painted. Now he's careful not to make a mess...

Photobucket least not a terrible mess. It is finger-paint afterall and you can't do it without getting some paint on your fingers!




Although, come to think of it, just painting the bowl and just using a couple of fingers is sort of boring, so who can blame him for going a little nuts...


...or even a lot nuts!!!


The important thing is that at the end of the great toddler pumpkin project, we have ourselves a masterpiece...


...and we have ourselves a little boy who's just a little more excited about Halloween than he was at the beginning of the day!!!


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - The recipe for the above toddler pumpkin is pretty easy (although messy).

1. blow up a balloon and make a simple papier mache (at least two layers, (ie, layer - dry - layer again) to make sure bowl will be sturdy enough to hold candy.

2. once dry, pop balloon and cut the papier mache to the size you want for your bowl.

3. line with plastic - to do this, I simply painted the inside with Elmer's glue, then lined it with a piece of thin plastic tablecloth. I then inserted a new balloon (same size as papier mache balloon) and blew it up inside the bowl to push the plastic in place until it dries.

4. I then painted the balloon white with non-toxic poster paint.

5. Once that was dry & the glue was dry, I popped the balloon and placed the bowl upside down on a filled gallon water jug to hold it in place to paint.

6. Then I let Radar at it with non-toxic poster paint.

7. Once all the paint was dry, I folded the excess plastic over the rim of the bowl and stapled orange crepe paper streamer ribbon around the rim of the bowl.

8. Finally, I found an appropriate colored handle, folded it over the rim and sewed it in place.

Mind you, it's not water proof by any measure, but it should get us through this Halloween in fine fashion.

PSS - Oh, and since I'm adding this addendum to this post, I might as well post one more of today's projects...

Door / yard signs!

PSS - Oh, and Bruja continues on her way to completion...


... and if you're wondering why she and Skeletor have the same sort of eyes, it could either be that they're related or that I bought a 12 pack of eyeballs!!!

PSSS- Ok, just this last thought for the night related to my PSS... I sort of hope they're not related because they make a rather cute couple!


PSSSS - Alright... really this is the last comment for the night. I'd like to just remind some of you out there (the Science Pundit in particular) that this is a family blog and there's no call for pointing out that the witch's nose looks like a big green wee wee!


Kelley's Kids said...

Oh my gosh, how neat! How did you do that? I want to make some for my kids! You are so creative!

The Science Pundit said...

Hmm, I hadn't noticed the resemblance of the witch's nose, but now that you mention it ...

On a more serious note, it looks like you got a victory in at least one fight.

Tia Sara said...

Marcela and I were hard at work today on X's costume. He will be Robin Hood, or Peter Pan or an Elf, depending on how the tunic turns out....probably Robin Hood. I sure hope you get a lot of trick or treaters at your place. I gave up doing anything for Halloween in Potomac, because nobody came. Marco's Maryland Ave. house, however is Halloween central. So now we are trying to do more, though certainly not to your Mom's or your standards. Happy Halloween! and besos.