Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nothing spooky about this!!!!

Late last night

another Christina Pazos

came screaming into this world

so much prettier than this Christena Pazos

but I can't begrudge her that

because I'm way too smitten!!!

Congratulations Vivi, Rafa, Pepe and little Vivi


Welcome to the world and to our family Christina Elisa!!!!!


Titi and Radar


littleharves said...

oh how wonderful! she's so very beautiful! can i see a bit of radar in her sweet face? or is it a pazos likeness. how lovely to share her name, she's a lucky girl xxx

Marco said...

AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She's so beautiful! I love her sooo much! I'm so happy!

The Science Pundit said...

The new princess is adorable!

Congrats Rafa & Vivi!

Channel Dropout said...

There is no Christena Pazos prettier than the original! This rugrat looks very nice, however

Victoria Miller said...

Hallelujah! Such good news. Can't wait to go see her in person now that she's here. You know I've known it was a Christena for MONTHS!

Marco said...

Mom & I are going into withdrawl. We need our Radar fix. Just a dime bag, anything, please!