Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankfuller than ever

I know that I've mentioned before that vacations afford me far less time than my day to day home life - especially for blogging. Any semblance of a schedule is crumpled up and tossed into the trash as soon as we take off. Since last Friday, we've flown to Ft Lauderdale, driven to Tampa with Grammy, gone to zoos, museums and parks galore, driven back from Tampa, flown to Philadelphia and so, so much more. And it ain't nearly over... today we're enjoying two turkey dinners, play-time with a 9 year old boy and a similarly aged toddler boy, then tomorrow we're back in the car to Maryland to see the Marco-Franko gang, before diving eyeball deep into Pazos on Saturday in Virginia! And as per my usual m.o., I barely blog on vacations.

But it would be very, very wrong for me to not blog today. This is Radar's blog. And since I'm not nearly organized enough to keep baby books or organize photo albums or any such thing, this then becomes all those things... And how could I let a day meant for expressing thanks go empty when the truth is that it's so very, very full of thanks... fuller than ever.

At round one of turkey pig-out today, I spoke first. We are spending Thanksgiving with my dear friend Andrea and her son Michael - and I'm thankful for their friendship and their invitation. I expressed thanks for our health, for our friends and for our families. Those rank right at the top of my long, long list of things. Those are some of the big things and there's also a million little things. I'm thankful for silly things, like the few people who still bother to read my slacking blog! I'm even thankful that it snowed big, fat flakes for us on this Thanksgiving!


But for the third year running, there is a #1 that trumps all the others by miles. A #1 that spills onto all my other list items and makes them brighter. A #1 that makes me look at the world again with renewed wonder. A #1 that let's me put aside any bashfulness about getting all lovely-dovey and emotionally mooshy-wooshy. A #1 that is my moon and my sun... my night and my day... my food and my air... my world and my joy.

For the third year out of however many years I have in front of me, my #1 is you, Radar.


Lots of Love,
Titi and Radar


littleharves said...

how exciting to see snow! he's getting more and more handsome by the day christena, so very glad you are having a wonderful and hectic thanksgiving holiday. stay safe, loads of love, anne xxx

Kelley's Kids said...

I love these pictures, so pretty! That boy is adorable, he looks so happy all the time :)

Marco said...

I'm thankful to have visited w/ so much family this weekend, and for making a new friend in Andrea (she's an awesome dominos partner), and for having finally found Frank's keys. They were in the laundry room?! Crazy, we haven't used that room in months!

Little M and Baby G said...

I just love that Radar Smile!