Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A winner and a confession

Ok, so back to Halloween... last year we had lots more entries, so I set up a bunch of different categories (scariest, cutest, etc) and put it to a vote. This year I still had several entries, but not enough for the multi-category, voting approach. Plus, Halloween was ages ago and even before the ads and sales start ad-nauseam, this blog has already gone Christmas!

So I'm just going to get this over with quickly... I'll rip the band-aide off. But there's also that bit about the confession which I should also just blurt out... I shouldn't draw it out. It's embarrassing and I know that putting it off longer doesn't make it any better. Well - maybe I'll wait at least until the end of this post...

Now - back to the winner.
I want to point out that trying to sway my vote by dressing in "Bahamian" costumes, doesn't work.

Dad and Angela... you don't win...

...and neither do you Jason...

...or you Caro!

Enough with the freakin' pirates already!
We had a Pirate winner last year!

Oh - and although I didn't mention Lali's rainbow costume, she never stood a chance standing next to a Piratess!

I also want to say that dressing up like this and inviting friends over to drink beer, is not Halloween...

Photobucket's just a freakin' toga party! You don't win Kimberdoo!

And you might have thought that the old "father/son, Peter Pan/Robin Hood combo" would garner you some points?


Nope... Sorry Frank and X!

Moving on... I can't possibly give an award to a ghost who looks so unhappy to be a ghost (sorry Nolan)...


... or to Sebastian, who dared to cover his gorgeous face with a Darth Vader mask...


... and Carly...
I love you, but even dressing up like Radar won't win you points in this contest!


So what then?
Who wins?
Does it go to the cute kid dressed up like a pumpkin?


Indeed not little Mattia - so sorry!

Instead - let me briefly segue to my confession so that you can better understand the frame of mind I was in when making this important decision.

See - I am not a reader of sappy romances.
I also don't conform to trends that "everybody's" doing!
I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter film.
I did not read The Da Vinci Code (well, I started but I thought it was dumb and didn't finish).
I have also NEVER read a stupid vampire book.
I saw the first Twilight movie on cable and thought it was stupid.


That's right... I don't know how it happened... I was just looking for an easy read... for some brain candy... and a friend leant me the first one! 500+ pages of teenage love story, sappy, ridiculous, cliche writing...

... and I couldn't put it down...
... and then I bought the second one (New Moon) and I've lost sleep this week needing to finish it...
... then I downloaded the second movie on iTunes ($14.99) and stayed up late watching it...
... then I bought the third one (Eclipse) and I'll continue losing sleep this week needing to finish it...
... and I can't buy the movie until it comes out on DVD...
... and now I follow any stupid gossip link I see on Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart!!!

Yes - I am sooooo embarrassed to confess that I'm totally hooked on this stupid Twilight Saga and that was the frame of mind I was in when I saw this entry...


...and what went through my mind was, "even if he's not supposed to be a vampire, he sure would make one very cute and convincing little vampire... maybe Bella and Edward will make a vampire baby and maybe he'll look like Luca! That would even be a good name for their vampire baby!!!!"


So congratulations LUCA! Even though you meant to dress up as Skeletor, you won as a Twilight Vampire Baby! I will hand deliver your prize when I see you in person in 10 days!!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Lali said...

So Luca is super cute. No denying. But I am not into those stupid twilight books. So since you confessed your motivation so clearly I should point something out...

My lips were red. I was a rainbow vampire. They exist! Just imagine a vampire in the sun sparkling... that whole glitter thing... well, bang! Rainbow from the glitter! Luca was suppose to be skeletor so I don't think this is much more of a stretch.

Plus, I totally think it is unfair that I was cut so early because I was standing next to Carolina. There are plenty of pictures where I am not standing next to her.

I think this contest is fixed.

BTW, everyone's costumes were very cool.

Tia Lali

Radar's Mom said...

Nice try Lali, but the only other contestant that came anywhere close to vampire status was Carly... pale complexion and red eyes... if she hadn't tried cheating by manipulating me with the whole Radar copycat thing, I probably wouldn't have been able to resist!

Oh - and you're no one to make fun of my Twilight addiction since you watch old re-runs of "Saved by the Bell!"

Lali said...

I stand by my Rainbow Vampire.

I watch a lot of stupid stupid things on tv... but not Saved by the Bell!

Marco said...

While, I can't stand this Twilight garbage... I'm totally Team Luca. Although, that pumpkin werewolf is pretty darn adorable. And why didn't you fall for the Peter Pan / Robin Hood combo? What kind of soulless undead creature are you? Not the rainbow hued variety that's for darn sure. I want a recount(of the number of categories for your costume contest). Can't wait to see you next week. Ciao babes...

ANGELA...NANY said...


Marco said...

OK, while I still believe Twilight is garbage, I'm totally hooked. I finish the 1st book two days ago, and today I have the shakes, I need to get to the library and check out New Moon. Complete drivel!