Thursday, December 16, 2010


your smile
your pout
how you order the dog to go
“out anny out!”

your lips when you dream
your sweet little “please”

how you caress my arm and my neck and my face
as you drift off to sleep by my side or in my embrace

your hair trigger temper
your “s-less” vocabulary
how you love to show off
mostly for me

how you skillfully maneuver your pacifier into your mouth
even with your eyes closed

how you bang on a piano or keyboard while I sing along ‘la, la, la’
then how you stop abruptly and look to me until I break out into applause
and how you join in, clapping and saying “bavo, bavo!”

how you dribble your drink and wet your shirt
then grab it to show me and in your most pitiable voice ask for my sympathy
and how you know it’s a game and know that I’ll play along
“pobrecito. te mojaste! poor thing, you got wet!”

your “uh-oh”
your “Mama”
every single time you say “Mama”

how you pretend to snore to trick me into thinking you’re sleeping
even though your eyes are wide open and you’re smiling at me
oh, that smile

how you love to flush the toilet for me
as you wave into the bowl saying “bye bye pee pee”

your telephone conversations
(how you flip the phone shut)

how you love to splash in the bath
how very easy it is to make you laugh

how you come to me so often for a hug
how you love your cat and your pug

these and at least a million more things
make me so, so happy

but more than all of them
is just you
and my absolute certainty that you know you are loved
and that you are a very happy two year old boy

Happy 2nd Birthday Radar

love is much too small a word

nothing in my 42+ years holds a candle to being your mom

nothing comes even close

i love you



Viviana said...

Happy Birthday Radar y hope you have a wonderfull birthday. Im absolutly sure your dear Mom will make your day the best. Big hug to you and your mami. We love you!!

Lori said...

Happy Beautiful Day You Came Into your Mama's Awaiting Arms! So very happy the two of you have each other to share the journey of life together!

Love and birthday kisses from snow covered Michigan,
The Nowaczyk Family

Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleaños Rafaelito. Tu mami me hizo llorar con esas tan bellas palabras que algún día cuando seas grandes vas a leer y atesorar.

Muchos besos,
tia Sara Maria
(la de Venezuela)

Carolina said...

Happy Birthday Radar!!!! you look like a big boy now, its amazing how fast time goes by...
with lots of Love Tia Caro :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Radar. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. You have grown so much since I saw you last. I love you, Radar!!!

Lali said...

You are the most beautiful boy I know. I love you so much. I agree with your mother, love is too small of a word. You look so handsome and joyful in your birthday pictures. And all the wonderful things that your mommy wrote about you made me smile ear to ear. But whenever I think about you, I smile ear to ear. You are getting gigantic and I can't wait to see you. I am sending you a big birthday kiss!

All my love,
Tia Lali

H and M B said...

Happy Birthday, Radar! What a big boy you've become and so happy. It is amazing how boys spirits are so happy and joyful. And they go a mile a minute!

Anonymous said...

Have the happiest birthday yet, and then even better at the ongoing birthday parties. We love you!

Love Frank, Marco & Xavier

Anonymous said...

Rafita, Radar, Rafael,
recibe de parte de el Abuelo,(AVO) y de Angela (NANA) felicitaciones, ya que tuvimos la dicha de celebrarlo juntos,, te queremos y que cumplas muchos mas,, love u.

littleharves said...

what a beautiful poem, happy 2nd birthday sweet radar, can't wait to see the cake eating pics! you've done such a wonderful job christena. sending loads of love xxx anne

The Floyd Family said...

I havent been on here for a while and boy has Mr. Radar grown into a handsome young man! Hope you guys had a great Christmas in Florida:)