Monday, December 27, 2010

The joy of surprises

When Radar was born I became a new mom and although I'd known lots of babies and I'd read lots of stuff about babies, none of it really prepared me for my own baby. It's like most things in life - falling in love, making mistakes, being a mom - no matter how much you imagine it or read about it and no matter how much someone tells you - you still don't really get it until you live it.

These first two years with Radar have been so full of all those kind of wonderful surprises - the ones I'd heard about but didn't really get. How boys wait exactly until you move the diaper away to pee... how delicious it is when your baby giggles... how incorrigible toddlers can be!

But over the last couple of weeks, the surprises have been getting even better. Because more and more, they are surprises that are unique to the funny and devilish personality that is only Radar's! Grammy and I got one of those wonderful surprises on Christmas morning at the Nassau airport.

Just like last year (here), we flew from Nassau to Florida on Christmas morning and as a treat, I got Radar a Christmas green and red sprinkled donut.


And as you can see, just like last year, Radar thoroughly enjoyed his donut as he nibbled off the sprinkled top. That's not surprising... Radar likes junk. But after nibbling for a while, he put the donut down on a chair and I had Grammy sneak the donut into a bag since I really didn't want him eating it after he'd put it on a chair that who knows how many who knows who sat on! A minute later Radar went back to the chair and when he saw that his donut was missing, he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. I gently explained that I didn't know where the donut was and that it must have run away.

That's when he surprised us...

As my mom and I sat with the luggage, Radar stomped away... he wasn't mad... no temper tantrum... he just stomped away. And when he got into a central location in the terminal with lots of people around, he stopped and started yelling as loudly as he could. Grammy and I looked at one another and we started laughing - of all the reactions that Radar could have had, we just hadn't expected this one. Because when I told Radar the donut had run away, he really understood and I hadn't expected that. And it wasn't really that Radar was yelling - but rather calling out in his loudest voice...


Oh - the joy of surprises!!!! And yes - Grammy gave him back his gross donut.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Lali said...

That is a beautiful story. Radar is amazing! I love him so so so much!

Tia Lali