Friday, December 3, 2010

Where does the time go?

It seems like just yesterday I still lived in South Florida and Lali came to Barry University as a college freshman. But I guess it wasn't just yesterday. I suppose it was 7 or so years ago. It was also the first time that Lali and I had ever really lived in the same city. It was the first time I had a sister nearby. And all the time leading up to it, as well as the 16 year age difference between us, was like dust in the wind! We were sisters to the core and it was so much fun!!!

One of the very best parts was the clothes & accessory theft that ensued in a big way. At first it was mostly Lali coming over to my apartment and stealing my clothes, shoes, watches, etc. But it didn't take me long to start reciprocating. I found out that Lali's fashion sense didn't only exist (mine does not), but it was wonderful and colorful and fun. It didn't matter that Lali is 3 feet taller than me or that my boobs (at the time) were substantially smaller than hers... the theft took on a frenzied pace and wardrobes & accessories morphed like mythical shape-shifters!

It's a tradition that has carried on through weight gains & losses (including pregnancy) and dramatic climate changes. In May, Lali confiscated a blue watch of mine (as well as a dress to go with the watch). On this recent trip, I confiscated a purple watch of hers. Seven years of this... where has the time gone?

Well, the truth is that I'm really not sure where the time has gone... or what time it is for that matter. Because it looks like there's a new player in this game.


That's right - Radar has now confiscated the purple watch...


and he won't give it back...


when I ask him the time, he studies the watch carefully...


but then keeps the answer to himself.


But somehow I don't think Lali's going to mind so much that her wonderful nephew is now stealing her things being as she had no problem giving him whatever he wanted on our recent trip.


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I honestly don't know where the time has gone... Radar turns 2 in less than 2 weeks!!!!

PSS - My favorite color is green and looking back on recent pictures of Radar, it seems like he's always dressed in green. I'm good with that - just wondering if anyone else noticed?

PSSS - I think that X and Radar look like brothers in these pictures!