Monday, June 28, 2010


My kid is rockin'!



I wasn't really sure what more to say. Radar got a new rocking chair this weekend and he's pretty excited that he has his own chair. He also got a new haircut, but I decided not to post any up close pictures of his new doo so that Tia Lali wouldn't freak out.

So that's really it for tonight... Radar is rockin' and come Wednesday he'll be rollin' (we're going bowlin'.) If nothing else, it should make for at least a couple of good pictures.

Nitey nite now,
Titi and Radar

Friday, June 25, 2010

A single moment of silence

Ok, so it's been more than a moment of silence from me. But there must be some mathematical formula to explain how parental free time exponentially diminishes with each new day a toddler ages... that's how it seems... especially when we travel. Last Friday we took off for Florida where we got to spend time with Grammy and Tio Dardo and a slew of others including godmother Gail. Did I mention that Radar LOVES peek-a-boo?


We also saw auntiedoo Kimberdoo (aka Gail's daughter Sarah (long story)).

We also popped over to hang with Radar's buddy DUDE (aka Ethan).

Then I took off for Costa Rica and left Radar with his Grammy and Maria at Grammy's house. I dragged my camera to Costa Rica and never took it out of the bag. I flew back to Florida on Wednesday and then onto Nassau Wednesday night and spent yesterday recovering and catching up... and that's how it happened. That's how a week just sifted through my fingers like sand. Radar did soooo much and yet I never found a moment to blog any of it!

And now that we're back home, it isn't much easier to find a moment to post something. When I'm on the computer, Radar wants to get to the keyboard and watch his fire truck youtube videos. If he happens to be distracted with some other activity, I really have to keep my eye on him every second or I'll find him standing on top of the dining room table or scaling the bookshelf. It's like trying to text while driving... if you take your eyes off the road for even a moment, you look up and see that you're about to rear-end the guy in front of you.

The same, by the way, goes for those single moments of silence. The kitchen is a pretty safe place for Radar. The cabinets are all locked (except for 'his' cabinet with the pans and tupperwear). So last night as I was starting this post and keeping an eye on Radar, I noticed that he walked into the kitchen talking about "agua" and "anny"... I quickly started typing a few lines about our trip when I noticed the talking had stopped.

The kitchen was silent.

Radar was silent.


On instinct, I grabbed my camera, turned it on and quietly snuck into the kitchen.



By the way, I think that Radar may be spending a bit too much time with the dog!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

18 funny things he does

Today my funny little boy is 18 months old!

I thought I'd celebrate by making a list of 18 funny things that Radar does to make me laugh every day (he doesn't necessarily do each thing every day, but he makes me laugh every day with at least one (usually more) of the funnies listed here).

1. Telling jokes: Radar looks me in the eye, babbles something and cracks up - if I don't crack up with him, he gives me a "what, you don't get it?" look.

2. Wearing shoes: One of his top words these days is "bappos", (aka zapatos, aka shoes.) If he can't get to the closet or if there aren't shoes lying around, he'll come take them off your feet so that he can wear them.

3. "Du": Radar always wants to drink what I'm drinking (out of my cup, not his.) So he tricks me by taking his sippy cup and raising if for a toast... "Du," he says (aka Salud, aka Cheers!) When I extend my cup to toast, he grabs it.

4. "Da du": He's figured out every kind of light switch, so when I hear "da du", (aka la luz, aka the light), I have to quickly spot him because chances are that he's climbed a chair to reach the light. Monday at the doctor's office, I was discussing milestones with the doctor when I heard it... "da du" and there was Radar on the chair with arms extended - then it went black!

5. "Anny gugu": Radar loves Fanny now! When we take Fanny out for her evening walk, Radar waits until she squats in the grass and yells "Anny gugu!" (aka Fanny Good Girl).

6. Potty training K9 style: Speaking of squatting in the grass, although Radar's made zero progress on his potty since my report a couple of weeks back, he will run outside and squat in the grass and say "bee bee", (aka "pee pee")

7. Self feeding K9 style: He also intentionally spills food on the floor, then drops down to eat from the floor. Some of the other mommies got to see this at this past weekend's play date. All the kids were attacking the snacks. Radar grabbed a bunch, put them on the step and then ate them directly with his mouth - 'look mom, no hands!' The other mommies were VERY impressed.

8. "Le lo": Do all kids like ice? Radar loves it and it's always a mess. If I have any drink with ice in it, he comes over and demands "le lo!" (aka hielo, aka ice.) If I say no, he pitches a fit. I'll usually save the last couple of cubes for him... and inevitably they end up on the floor or in Fanny's mouth, which never stops Radar from retrieving them and continuing with his chilly snack!


9. "Le lo": I know, confusing... I just said that. But this time he's pointing at my wrist and saying "le lo" (aka reloj, aka watch). He loves it when I take it off my wrist and slip it onto his (which slides all the way up his arm).

10. Hide & you find it mommy: With the watch and keys and other assorted items that Radar gets a hold of, I always have to be super watchful of where he puts them because every day he's finding new places to hide things (although I think he rather sees it as 'putting them away.') This weekend I couldn't find my car key and had to use the spare. Then when I opened my purse to make sure I had my insurance card before heading to the doctor's appointment Monday, I found the key along with several raviolis in the side pocket (I thought he'd eaten those!)

11. Nariz: When I ask Radar to point to his nose, he sticks his finger clear up to his brain. Now when I ask him where is the "nariz de Mama" he tries to pick my nose too.

12. Dance moves: Well, you saw it in the video a few days back... Radar's white boy dance moves make me laugh every time!

13. Green cocktail olives: Radar's palate is quite sophisticated and in addition to junk, he also likes spicy foods and some things you wouldn't think, including green cocktail olives (with the pimentos inside). Every time I give him one he scrunches his face from the sour taste and once he swallows he looks up and says "MA" (aka mas, aka more.)

14. Glasses: Radar now loves to wear glasses - any glasses... his sunglasses or my reading glasses... whatever. Thing is, he hates wearing them on his eyes, so instead he carefully opens them and fits them onto his neck, then walks around with a big goofy smile on his face.


15. "Buh-bye": Another favorite. Not sure where he picked this up from, but Radar loves to grab a rolling suitcase or purse or other assorted bag then start walking away from you saying "buh bye." Somehow he knows that you shouldn't leave empty handed.

16. Cheater: Yes, Radar is already a cheater! His very favorite game is playing hide & seek with Mommy. When he hides, I never look to see where he hides (granted, it's always the same place). When I hide, I tell him to turn so that he can't see but he ALWAYS peaks over his shoulder (with a huge grin on his face) to see where I'm going. Then when I yell, "donde esta la mama?" (aka where's mommy) he laughs so hard on his way to my "secret" spot that he'll often fall down on the way!

17. "Uh oh": A very recent development (just a couple of days ago) within his repertoire. He now intentionally drops or throws something he know he shouldn't just for the opportunity to innocently say "uh oh!" A couple of times he's added a shrug of the shoulders to further proclaim his innocence.

18. Cariño : Since the get go, I have always repeatedly showed Radar how to treat Fanny and Mulligan 'con cariño' (aka gently & with affection). And he generally follows my guidance (although he strays every now and then with a whack or tail pull). But when I specifically ask him to 'dale un cariño a Fanny' (aka, give Fanny affection), he gently pats her. And the beauty of this is that it applies to humans as well. When we meet other people and I ask Radar go show them some love, he goes up to them and pats them like a dog!

That's 18!! But there are so many more things he does that make me laugh and make me so, so happy. Just Radar does it for me! He is a typical toddler in that he throws multiple tantrums a day, but he snaps right out of them and laughs a lot more than he cries. He is a happy, funny, wonderful and loving little boy who takes great pleasure in snuggling with me every day. He is all that I could want and so, so, so much more!


Happy 18 months Radar... keep laughing!

Oh, and since I mentioned his doctor's appointment a couple of times in this post, I guess I should give a quick report. The doctor declared that Radar is healthy, normal and doing great. And although the doctor didn't specifically say it, the measurements spoke for themselves and the verdict is that my son is a bobble-head!!!!


Height: ~ 25%
Weight: ~ 15 - 20%
Head circumference: ~ 70%

Lots of love,
Titi & Radar

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a drag...

That's right.. what a drag! We live on this small island - just 21 miles by 7 miles. It's like living in a village... you see all the same people all the time and go to the same places all the time. Take today as a perfect example. It's a summer Sunday, so, hum drum, we accepted an invitation to go out on the boat with Joe, Suri & Eduardo. This was Radar's first time on a boat, so I guess that was a little different at least. But then where did we go but to a nearby... you know it... a beach - ho hum. So that's what we did and now we're back home. It's a boring post, I know... but since I feel it's my duty, I feel obliged to post a couple of pictures from our 'whatever' Sunday here in Nassau.

I know, I know... you don't have to say it...

Poor us!

Titi & Radar

PS - Joe & Suri... thanks for an awesome, anything but hum-drum afternoon! Radar & Eduardo make great beach bum buddies!!!! We can't wait to do it again soon!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A new logo

I don't know if anyone who reads this blog is from or lives near the Gulf Coast of the US, but you probably don't have to to feel pretty sick about what's been happening for the past 53 days. I put the ticker over on the sidebar even though it makes me sick to look at it... it makes me feel pretty helpless and pretty determined to take personal steps toward using alternative energies and conserving energy... and to vote for whoever promises to take us down an ambitious road to cleaner energy. Call me what you will, but I feel devastated with every picture I see of a dead, oil-covered bird or turtle.

It's horrible - and it's partly my fault for being a consumer of cheap oil. And it's probably a little bit your fault too. It's the result of a status quo, corporate driven, short sited policy... we've had 30 years to figure out better solutions... we flunk!

But despite what little pieces of blame might fall on each of our shoulders or the greater blame that can be put on lax oversight, I still very much feel that the vast proportion of the blame falls with one particular corporation... anyone care to guess? They've sort of been in the news lately. Then yesterday I saw a mention of a site that was hosting a contest to create a new logo for BP... what fun! Now I don't actually enter any of these contest with any thoughts of winning. I do it because it's a new project and I like new projects.

So, ladies and smurfs... I give you my new BP logo:

Of course mine is pretty amateurish, but check out this link for the leaders so far and the hundreds of others that have been submitted. There are some really good ones and they're all better than the "green" sun logo... what a load of BS that is!

Lots of love,

Walkin' Talkin' Dancin'...

Well, I've received numerous reports of Sneed misdeeds in Florida, Philadelphia, Maryland, West Virginia, Venezuela and even more here in the Bahamas. I have begun to plot his movements on a map and based on the times and locations, it seems that the Sneed either has teleporting abilities or the Sneed has a family! I will continue to plot misdeeds on a Sneed map, so please do let me know if you suspect any further Sneed misdeeds.

For today though, I thought I'd just leave you with a quick video from last night where Radar shows off some of this talents (ie, walking in women's shoes, talking and one very fine dance move!)

Titi and Radar

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's he up to now...

I have some troubling news. Since the Sneed ran off this past weekend, we have begun to receive some reports that it has been causing problems in other areas.

I received a report that the Sneed has been sneaking beers from my Dad's refrigerator in West Virginia!!

Obviously we are interested in locating and apprehending the Sneed as soon as possible, so if anyone else has come in contact with the Sneed or if it has caused problems where you live, please let me know so that we can plot its movements and trace its whereabouts!

Your report should include the nature of the Sneed's misdeed and the location of the crime. If you have an approximate date or time, that might help us track it faster.

Many thanks and lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Sneed ate my post!!

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been such a stranger. All has been good on the home front since my last post. And I would have posted earlier if I hadn't gotten all into a new, ridiculous and time wasting (money wasting too) project.

It started last weekend when Radar was throwing a tantrum and he cried so hard that his nose bled a bit. Then he was distracted and less than 10 seconds after the nose bleeding incident, he was off screaming his high pitched joy scream at Fanny. It occurred to me that I really don't understand toddler behavior most of the time and maybe I wasn't seeing something. That led me to write a silly Doctor Suess like story about the incident. On that same day, I found this fun site where you can publish photo or any other kind of book and I started getting really carried away.

The result is this:

The pictures seem to load pretty slowly or maybe it's just my connection. You'll have to view the preview (which is actually the whole book) in full screen mode to be able to read the text.

Anyhoo... that's the reason I haven't posted... it wasn't my fault... the Sneed ate my post!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Tuesday, June 1, 2010