Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweet dreams

I've come to a couple of conclusions over the last week.

Exactly a week ago - last Thursday - all was well and I was sticking to my general philosophy that flu shots aren't really so necessary for younger people with healthy immune systems. Even knowing that January is the height of flu season, I didn't worry too much because even if the flu got us, our immune systems would tackle it, thereby building up even more immunity for the next fight.

That was Thursday. Last Friday at work, I noticed a little cough creeping into my throat. I got home and Radar had a raging fever. So, Mr. Flu had bitten us... no biggie! We were up for the fight... BRING IT ON BABY!

Friday night was a bad one for poor little Rafael Darwin. He kept dozing off for 45 minute to one hour restless sleeps before waking up screaming with night terrors! At about 9pm I gave him a dose of Children's Motrin to break the fever and give the sick monkey a shot at some more restful sleep. At 3am he woke up screaming with a bloody nose and a fever spiking again. Children's Tylenol... more restless sleeping... 6:30am another bloody nose!

Saturday was the start of my fever... both of us climbing up over 103 by the end of the day. I got the added flu bonuses of cough, soar throat and vomiting! Sweet!!! Saturday night... a better night for the weasel... a harder night for me.

Sunday morning... Radar's fever was gone and he was acting 95% back to normal. Great! This was just a bit more than a 24 hour demon and I had just one day to go... above mentioned philosophy still firmly in place... immunity hard at work and doing it's job. Sunday night was perfect for Radar... my fever back to 103 - a miserable night for me.

Monday... Radar perfect... Radar's mom back to 103... not feeling better, but substantially worse.

Tuesday... Radar perfect... Radar's mom woke up with a 101 fever - now absolutely drained, raging soar throat, wicked nasty cough, no appetite... and off to the doctor's I went for antibiotics and cough remedies.

So - sorry to bore you with the details, but it was living through these details that led me to the conclusions that I've now come to... and they are:

1. My mother didn't love me. Whereas I breastfed Radar for almost a full year, my mother willfully and with malice of forethought stopped breastfeeding me at around 5 months so that she could selfishly go to Hawaii, thereby leaving my poor, as yet underdeveloped immune system to fend for itself and causing me a lifetime of fighting off nasty bugs with a weaker defense system, (she denies this and does not regret going to Hawaii and thus, perhaps still does not love me) and

2. I think I need to reconsider my annual flu shot philosophy because if there is actually something I can do to avoid getting the flu, that might not be such a bad thing!

And now that I'm feeling somewhere around 80% human again and now that I've unloaded my bitchfest on you, let me just leave you with a few pictures from this morning that support what I repeatedly said above...

... Radar perfect ...


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

ps - Did I ever mention how freaking easy it is to make this little man laugh?

pss - The dog sticker on his hand is his prize for eating his whole breakfast!

psss - Oh, and lastly... if you actually read this whole post and wondered, "what's with the sweet dreams title?" Well, last night at about 2am I woke up because Radar was stirring... I turned to him and he was fast asleep. Then he said "Mama mopeen, Mama mopeen" and laughed in his sleep! Now, I have have no frickin' idea what the 'mopeen' is, but who cares... he was laughing and so it must be a good thing and I laughed as I myself drifted back into my own sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

It's good to know that it was a dog sticker on his hand and not his first tatoo


H and M B said...

This little guy always seem to be laughing. When it comes to pictures Hayden is Dr. Evil. It is great that everyone is better and feeling also human.

littleharves said...

oh you poor things christena, its crap feeling sick on your own with a child, i hope you had help so you could get some sleep. his beautiful smile seems like a good remedy to cure all illness to me though . sending love, anne xxx

Anonymous said...

I wanted to do a quick shout out to Super Mom Titi, who following the blighted single parent mom caring for the more briefly plagued adorable toddler, proceeded to Travel around the world for a business trip with approximately 15 stop overs in various European and American cities. You're amazing just for still being alive. When you get a chance you may want to comment on Radar becoming an Ophiuchus. What does this bode for his career and love life?


Little M and Baby G said...

Well boo. The flu sucks! I hope you feel better soon. Isn't amazing how fast these kids bounce back? Radar is looking ADORABLE and so BIG!