Sunday, February 20, 2011

Same old questions

So the rash turned out to be a virus... you can't blame me for thinking it was an allergy though. It started on Radar's face and then it hit my face... it crawled down Radar's neck to his torso, then onto my chest and back. It then crawled all over his arms and legs as well - just as my rash was getting better. Allergy just made sense.

Until the fever attacked Radar on Monday morning (just as I was leaving for Costa Rica - nearly pulled the plug on the trip too).

And then there was word that other kids in the neighborhood had gotten hit by the same symptoms!

Damned virus!

But as usual, Radar beat it back with his formidable immunity stick. The fever was gone after a day and the rash quickly dissappeared.


So that's where we are now. I got back from Costa Rica on Thursday to a very healthy monkey man. And life has just hummed along since then. Visits to the park, to the beach and to visit friends. Singing and story-time before bed and even a three word sentence thrown about here and there...

"on ta pie?" ('donde esta pie', aka ' where is foot' - asked when said foot is repeatedly buried under sand... the answer to which is a joyful scream as foot is yanked out of sand, spraying sand all over mommy's face! Good fun!)

And of course there are the same old nagging questions.
The ones that toddler parenthood prevoke.

If he hates wearing sunglasses - why are goggles ok?



If he hates wearing hats - why are helmets ok?



All of the above?


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


H and M B said...

Radar is the man! So cute, an immune system to die for, and a sense of humor.

Becky said...

He is like a mad scientist! Did Radar have Roseola? Sucks for a couple of days and then you never get it again!