Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anyone wanna make a bet?

Just a quick little post...

Have I mentioned lately that Radar still sleeps in my bed?

I've tried on a few occasions to kick him out, but it hasn't really worked.

He'll only 'pretend' sleep in his bed (he gets in, puts the cover over him and then makes snoring sounds with his eyes open), but if I put him in the bed when he's sleeping, rarely will a half hour go by before he gets out and climbs into my bed.

I don't really mind. I'm pretty used to having my snuggle monster in the bed and sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I love just staring at him by the light of the night light.

But he's 28+ months and maybe it's time to make another, more serious, effort at getting him to associate sleep with his own bed.

And it's just not working with his current bed, so maybe another bed is the solution. Maybe if I can find a bed that Radar finds very interesting - that is clearly HIS and not anyone else's... a bed that is cool and the envy of other toddlers... a bed that captures the essence of Radar in a way mommy's bed never could... maybe then he won't be so adamantly opposed to sleeping in it.

So... anyone wanna make a bet as to whether this new tactic of mine is going to work???


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Marco said...

I think the racing car bed is a good start in that he loves cars. I'd make it twin so he can still sleep with Fanny (or you on scared or sick nights). But I don't know that YOU have the willpower to stick with this. $5 says you don't.

Marco said...

I don't at all care for the tone of my answer and I boldly told myself myself so. It's a super cute bed, I love it, and you should totally go for it. Love you!

Radar's Mom said...

Chill Marco... you provided me with an incentive to really make this work. $5!!!! Woo-hoo!!! I'm gonna make you pay baby!

Lali said...

OMG! That is the coolest bed ever! Radar will love it! :) I think a cool bed that is the envy of all the other toddlers is a good strategy to make Radar want to sleep in his own bed. That $5 bet seems like a really good incentive. ;)

But really what is the rush? It 28+ mo. pushing the limit of sleeping in mommy's bed? I suppose not being able to sleep in other beds without mommy is not good... but not the worst thing.

Oh Marco, did you just scold your own tone, you are fabulous!

Loads of love!
Tia Lali

Tia Sara said...

I think he'll play on the new bed but still sleep with your. Are you taking bets on when the next post will be?