Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home office

One of the benefits of having access to so much technology and being so well connected, is that when you're feeling kind of crummy, you can still get work done in your home office. For the past couple of days, this has been my home office.


Pretty comfy and pretty practical. I've got my papers accessible, I prop myself up with some pillows and the spare pillow is my desk.


It's true that every now and then there are certain distractions that I don't have at the office.



But if you consider that I saved an hour driving back and forth (as well as a few bonus minutes for not showering or getting dressed), then it's easy to rationalize making a little time for said distraction (which keeps both of us happy).

And so it was that yesterday I was working uninterupted for a couple of hours in the afternoon... reading and typing away on my pillow desk when the above mentioned handsome distraction came knocking. I let him in and he got up into the bed to check out the home office set-up. I got out the camera to get some picture of my distractor when I noticed something.


It hadn't occurred to me that the pillow desk had been providing such stable support for the past couple of hours... as if its foundation was something firmer than a mushy bed.


I felt sort of bad that I'd been using Fanny as a desk for a couple of hours without even realizing it. But honestly, I really don't think it bothered her. Poor pug.

Anyway, that's the short tale of my home office... thank you pug!


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar (and the desk)


Marco said...

Lets hope PETA doesn't find out about this. That being said, that is the most adorable comfy cozy desk ever.

Tia Sara said...

Wow!, I had stopped checking the blog everyday so today I was so pleasantly surprised. Keep it up!

Lali said...


That is the cutest thing ever. Much better than your regular office.

Pesky commuting, showering and getting dressed minutes, such a waste!

Radar is soooo handsome! He is wonderful distraction.

Tia Lali

Andrea said...

xoxoxoxo thanks for the smiles!