Friday, May 6, 2011


Although Tia Sara did not specifically put a $ figure on her wager, I'm going to assume that she was jumping on Marco's coattails and making a $5 bet on whether or not Radar would use his new bed.

$5 + $5 = $10


Pay up!!!!

Now granted, I have been spending at least part of the night on the floor next to his bed in case he wakes up and freaks out, but each night has gotten easier and last night I slept in my bed all night (while only getting up to check on him about 7 times)! And yes, I constantly arrange the pillows around him so that he won't bump his little head or feet on the wooden sides. So, in short, Marco was right that this has been much harder on me, but all in all I'd call "Operation Maybe He'll Sleep in his own Bed if it's a Car" a success!

Now - as to Tia's remark regarding the next post - setting aside this post, I PROMISE another post tomorrow (or maybe even late tonight)! Why? Well, because late this afternoon we hop on an airplane and we go to meet Radar's half sister, Hannah!

Ok, more later!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Andrea said...

I just love the bed!!!! But I am tooo excited for words that you are meeting Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smooch on her for me too!!!! Call me if you get a chance!xoxoxo

Lali said...

OMG! Good job! He is gorgeous! Gigantic! Beautiful!!! I love him sooooo much!

Can't wait for your next post... I bet it is coming soon!

Tia Lali