Friday, May 20, 2011

Our photo session with Hannah

Password = Family Session


Lali said...

O. M. G.

Those pictures are amazing!!!!! Beautiful! Wonderful!

Angela.Nana said...

ok Rafita...
now is time to say good bye, to this dirty Diapers,,,, Adios Panales, love U.Nana
give Mom and Hannah Big Hug for me.

Tia Sara said...

OK, today makes it more than a month since you posted anything. Aren't you ashamed! The fact that we will see you this weekend makes no difference! By the way, the pictures are lovely.
Tia Sara

Anonymous said...

Ok. You do know that some people check your blog every day? Tia Sara is right, lovely pictures. But unlike them, I wont get to see you this weekend. I don't even know when's the next time we'll hang out, so please, post!