Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First and Last & a SMART September

Ok, so I blogged on the first day of August and now on the last day of August (look Antonio, I'm posting more than just a link!)

And truth be told, it is truely a disgrace (as Tia Sara has repeatedly pointed out). In the month of August we went on two fantabulous trips to visit Avo & Nana Angela in West Virginia and to Freeport, Bahamas with godmother Gail (and Lali, except Lali didn't show up because of an expired passport situation (and come to think of it, how could I not blog about that? Pure NEGLIGENCE!)). We also had a little hurricane visit us. And yet I didn't blog. A total disgrace!

The thing is that my resolve about blogging has been too vague. I started the year by softly whispering to myself that I should really blog 'more'. 'More' is way too vague. At work, when we're setting objectives we're told that objectives should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). 'More' isn't very SMART. In August I did set a smart goal for myself - no meat for the month of August. And now, on the last day of August I am salivating over the prospect of tomorrow's celebration ceviche!

So, in an attempt to remedy my blogger block, I will set a SMART goal. It will be time-bound to the month of September. It will be attainable because I have a brain, fingers for typing and a computer for posting. It will be measurable because Tia Sara will be counting. It will be relevant because to say that blogging about Radar is irrelevant would be blasphemy! And it will be specific courtesy of's random number generator where I entered a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 30 and it gave me:

So there you have it. In the month of September I will blog on 12 days. I might even start tomorrow to start on the right foot.

And as for August, I'll just leave you with a little video of Radar's new favorite thing (ergo, my new favorite thing since I'm SO entertained by this ever clever funny boy)!

Lots of love,
Titi & Radar


Abuela said...

Hmmm. I promised Lali that I wouldn't rat her out-so glad I didn't have to break my vow! Abuela.

Anonymous said...

QUe cosita mas linda. Radar I MISS YOUUUUUUUU. WOw pero esa cocina es mas grande que la mia. Ojala y sea 12 veces y no solo el 12 Sep. Love
Tia Vivi

Lali said...

What a wonderful cook! Sending my love! I don't know what passport incidence you are talking about... the Bahamas was a great trip. You must be confused.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. For a little while, I felt I might have to take the lead blogging for the family. By the way, Rafa's kitchen is nicer than mine. I bet he also cooks better than me too.

Love Rafa

Tia Sara said...

Wow! that is a great kitchen! I won't say its better than mine or Marcela's but it's certainly better than Carlo's. OK, I will take on the responsibility of counting the September blogs.

Abuela said...

Lali, get out of the state of denial. Radar's newest haircut has written all over it: Lali was NOT here.