Monday, August 1, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

You've all seen Bill Cosby's show and the zillion other shows and youtube videos out there that capture kids saying the funniest things... Those things work because kids do actually say really funny things. As they start to really observe the world around them and use their developing logic to make sense of that world, they do indeed come up with the darndest conclusions.

Case in point was Radar on Sunday as we were leaving the pool at about 10am. My cell phone rang. It was uncle Stefan and we had a brief conversation because I was trying to pack up while preventing Radar from both running back to jump in the pool and / or grabbing my cell phone (and then jumping back in the pool). Radar kept asking (well, screaming) for my phone after I'd disconnected and as I often do, I took the path of least resistance and gave him the damn phone. He promptly flipped it open and started pushing buttons, but then got visibly disgusted.

"Mama, no funciona! Mama, no luz!" (aka, "Mama, it doesn't work. Mama, there's no lights.")

Of course the phone was working, but the cellphone back light didn't stand a chance against the bright sun. So I explained to Radar that he couldn't see the phone light when the sun was bright.

On a side note, Radar has a turtle night light that projects stars and the moon onto the walls at night. He has figured out that it doesn't work until it's night and until the lights are out. I know this because he ignores the turtle in the day time and once the sun goes down, he turns on the turtle, then turns off the room light.

But I guess the switch on this one was slightly out of his reach. So as a response to me telling Radar that he couldn't see the telephone light because the sun was too bright, he promptly and very matter-of-factly said,

"Mama, apague sol!" (aka, "Mama, turn off the sun!")

I'm feeling pretty proud of my Radar for connecting the dots and my ego is pretty bloated since Radar really must think that his Mama is all powerful!

Of course I didn't get this exchange on video, so the least I can do is leave you with a couple of pictures.


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Oh, on another note... Radar is currently going through a big time "be naked and play with your weenie" phase. I put clothes on him, he almost immediately takes them off and throws them in the clothes hamper and very liberally plays with his junk.

So, on that note, Radar was painting and creating some of his artwork masterpieces this weekend and there was one that he seemed to favor over the others.


Now, I don't want to jump to any conclusions about what is depicted in this masterpiece... but you let me know... Phallic or not?



Lali said...

All powerful Titi, excellent!
That is very very cute! He is soooo smart!

I love the picture of Radar viewing his art!

I love his masterpiece, he is amazing!

Tia Lali

Tia Sara said...

Wow, I feel so old.... When I hear "Kids say the darnest things" I think Art Linkletter! Am I dating myself?
And so, did you turn it off?

Radar's Mom said...

You are indeed dating yourself, but that's cool, because when you do, then I feel young! As for whether I turned it off - I don't like to encourage impulsive behavior so I waited a bit and turned it off that same evening. I thought you would have noticed... it was Sunday... don't you remember? Besos!