Friday, September 16, 2011

33 months

My Radar is 33 months old today! That's just 3 months shy of 3 and that there is a lot of 3's!

But according to some sage, old wives' tale wisdom that I heard this morning, I have reason to worry about my 33 month old boy's future marital relationship.

"Huh?" you say?

Let me explain.

I think I might have mentioned (or maybe not since I've been so bad about blogging) that Radar likes to be naked, particularly from the waist down. He will find any excuse he can. I will put clean underwear & pajamas on him right after a bath and five minutes later, the underwear and pajama pants will be in the dirty clothes hamper. When I ask Radar why he took off his pants, he gives me a very serious face and proclaims "ropa sucia." (dirty clothes)!

What I don't think I've mentioned (because it's kind of hard to appropriately broach the topic) is that even when clothed, Radar is very fond of playing with a certain area of his anatomy.


I have been reassured by many, many mothers of boys, as well as by websites such as, that this is very normal for little boys. So the only thing that I'm trying to do to maintain some perception that I'm a conscientious mother, is to teach Radar that certain things are left best at home. And I think I'm having at least some success on that front. I asked his teachers yesterday if he had ever tried taking his pants off at school and it seems he hasn't (yet). And as far as I can see, he seems to keep his private ping pong playing mostly at home as well.

But at least according to one source, I'm not doing my job well enough in this area!!!

This morning Maria was helping strap Radar into his car seat to head off to school and Radar jammed his hand into his shorts as she was doing so.

Maria looked up to me and said the following (I translate):

"If you let him play with his balls all the time, he will have a little erection all the time and then when he gets married, he won't have any more erections, so you should only let him do it a little bit."

Hey, maybe that's why Viagra is such a big hit... all those men used up their erection quotas when they were little boys!!!!!

Classic, classic stuff!!!!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Tia Sara said...

Seven!. Still on track.

Lali said...

That is hilarious! Goes beyond worrying about your kid's future... worrying about his sex life with his wife! Ha! Sooooo funny! I am pretty sure it doesn't work that way.

Tia Lali

Marco said...

That sounds very complicated to explain to a toddler. Another line of thinking is that practice makes perfect... Teaching him about privacy is plenty for now.

Thank you for the Birthday shout out!
Kisses & hugs, to you, Radar, kitty & pugs