Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

But before I get to that, let me respond to a couple of points brought up in the comments from the last post.

First to Antonio who has tried to throw down some gauntlet in order to get me to blog more in October than I do in September. That might have worked with some earlier form of me... but let me remind you that I no longer worry about finishing a twin century (I think I tallied a whole 15 miles at the last one) and that this Titi was perfectly satisfied with our middle of the pack finish at the triathlon-relay in Philly in June. But please don't lose all hope... although the new Titi doesn't respond well to competitive dares, I hear that she just might be susceptible to bribery!

Second to Tia Sara about her inquiry into the doll hanging incident from my youth. My mom addressed it a bit in the comments, but I'll elaborate a little. Unlike Radar, I was indeed a very big fan of dolls and stuffed animals when I was a kid. The particular doll I'm referring to is the same one that Mamina gave me for Christmas one year (she gave Ale a matching one)... she was one of those dolls that had long hair, but if you pulled a string from her back, it would pull the hair in through a hole in the top of her head and she had short hair. Ale dressed her doll up and put bows in her hair. I took some scissors and cut all the dolls hair off (so much for the string). It was the doll from the famous manger picture where Felipe is Joseph and I think I was Mary and Ale was an Angel. The doll was baby Jesus.

Anyway, when I got back home from that Christmas vacation in Venezuela, the crew-cut doll joined my collection of Winnie the Pooh & Tigger &Raggedy Anne & Andy, etc, etc. I had LOTS of stuffed animals. Some days they would attend school and I would teach them. On these days, invariably one or more of the students would be injured during recess and have to go in for surgery. I remember that poor Raggedy Anne had more battle scars than anyone including one in her butt (stitched up after surgery). But she apparently died during some of these surgeries because I would bury her in a box in the back yard (no worries though, I always dug her up the next day and she would rejoin the gang).

Ok - the meat of the story... So instead of school, one day there was a trial... I must have seen something on tv or learned something in school about trials. Anyway, the poor doll was accused of some very serious crime and after a very fair trial, the jury found her guilty (I believe that the resurrected Raggedy Anne may have been one of the jurors)! I, the judge, must have followed the jury's advice and sentenced the doll to die for her serious crimes. I had recently learned to tie a noose (that's probably Javier's fault - and come to think of it, that's probably why I wanted to hold the trial in the first place which means that the poor doll was dealing with a pretty biased judge & jury). I slipped the noose around her neck and threw her out of my second floor bedroom window and just left her there. Later that day my mom got a call from the neighbor informing her that there was a naked doll hanging from a noose from my bedroom window.

And that is the story of my poor doll - undoubtedly as my doll was being executed, Ale's was probably dressed in a very pretty dress and being rocked to sleep while being sung a lullaby. Draw your own conclusions!

Now - onto Radar's first day of school. It wasn't actually a big deal because it's the same program that he attended during July, although a couple of the teachers are different. But Radar strut right in and immediately made himself at home. The report on picking him up was that he had been well behaved and used the bathroom three times!

And here are just a few pics to share...

Radar's friend Belah catching me as I tried to sneak up and take a picture through the window

Better luck on the second try...

Shots from inside the classroom...

Radar deciding it was time to stop taking pictures & put the cap back on the lens!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Anonymous said...

I don't do bribery, and I don't believe that you're not the Titi of old anymore! I do believe that this is your time to prove it! And if you don't, well, I'll be truly disappointed and not bother you anymore!

And yes, my game is the best one yet! The guilt game. Let's see how you deal with this!

Much love (at least through the month of October, when we will see just how much you love me back!)


Tia Sara said...

Four, cuatro, etc. etc. etc.
Lovely story about the doll. Happy first day of school, Radar!

Marco said...

Bribery... or a wager! Maybe for a tattoo? Just throwing it out there. What's with this instigating? Its usually Carlo or Javier's territory.

Lali said...

Radar is sooo cute on his first day of school! Such wonderful news! I miss him sooooo much!

I don't know about any bribery, bets or wagers.. but I know that I love checking the blog and seeing new stories and pictures of sweet far away Radar... So, does positive reinforcement have an effect?

My mouth hurts. (Lost my wisdom (teeth)).

Tia Lali