Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Rafa

You all know how very fond I am of my cousin Rafa... I mean, I named my son after him! And yet I don't know what it means that I thought of him when I watched something Radar did at his friend's birthday party on Saturday. I don't know if it reminded me of Rafa or maybe I just thought that Rafa would really think it was funny. Maybe Rafa will have an opinion on the matter.


See - what happened was that Radar got stuck with a doll at the party. He doesn't like dolls - he's never cared for teddy bears or dolls or the like. But he is competitive, so when he found himself inside with a few girls and they were fighting over this one doll, his competitive nature kicked in and he emerged from the mess as the victor, with doll in hand. That's not what made me think of Rafa though.

It was after he went outside with his prize and quickly realized that here he was, stuck with the freakin' doll when he'd much rather be jumping in the jumpy house!

If you'd asked me beforehand what I thought Radar would do in such a situation, I would have guessed that he would simply dump the doll and move on.

Why he didn't is a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe he didn't want to risk the girls coming out and getting the doll back. Maybe he knew I was watching and thought I might be upset if he just dumped the doll (which I totally wouldn't be... I mean, my history includes an incident when a doll was sentenced to death in a doll courthouse and then hanged by a noose from my 2nd story window!)

And why what he did do reminded me of Rafa is also a mystery. Here is this competitive guy that is clearly a responsible babysitter, but who would obviously really rather be doing something else.

I don't think that's a fair description of Rafa... but when Radar finally unloaded the doll on this poor, unsuspecting kid after making sure she was ok, it did indeed make me think of my cousin Rafa. Again, maybe I just thought that he'd have a perfect line for the ocassion!

Little Rafa then headed directly to the jumpy house where he would rather have been all along anyway!

Anyone care to explain this to me?

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Anonymous said...

Ok... Here's my explanation:

There is no explanation. Rafa is obviously awesome and so is Radar, so it wouldn't surprise me that he reminds you of Rafa.

On a slightly different note, your newly found competitive nature of beating some "randomly" generated number, makes me wonder if you'll be able to beat that number during the month of October!

Oh, oh! Did I just formally challenge you to beat your September count during the month of October? I think I did!

Love ya!


Tia Sara said...

Three, tres, tre, trois, drei.
Hey I know this is Radar's blog, but I need you to elaborate on that doll death sentence and execution story.

abuela said...

Abuela got a call from a "concerned" neighbor about the incident, but she laughed it off. Couldn't have afforded the child psychiatrist anyhow. All in the past.
Except every now and then when an unidentified body turns up locally...I do....oh, forget it!

Lali said...

Awwww, Radar is soooo sweet! I love him! He looks so happy in the jumpy thing.

Marco said...

I predict he'll be completing twin centuries by age 10. (Ask mom about my predictions... "I bet the Sears repairman calls you up at 5pm after making you wait at home all day and cancels" Its uncanny!)

Damn, Antonio DARED you! What are you going to do?