Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A bear ate my dog

Today, December 7, 2011—a date which will live in infamy—the Christena Pazos of America (albeit living in the Bahamas and soon to be relocating to Costa Rica) suddenly and deliberately posted on the blog known as Radar Love.

Ok - I’m not a big fan of excuses. If my own appetite for other people’s excuses is any kind of gauge, then nobody is much interested in hearing my excuses (although thank you Marco for offering yourself up for blame). There are always exceptions of course… in the past I’ve tried to come up with excuses that might actually catch people’s attention and therefore get me somewhere. I confess that on more than one occasion, when being lectured about being late for something (maybe paying a bill or having to change a flight at the last minute), I have simply said, “I’m sorry, but a bear ate my dog.” And in all cases, that particular excuse has gotten me what I wanted (late fee waived, flight changed, etc).

In this case though, Fanny is fine, albeit feeling quite abandoned. As far as I know, there are no bears in Nassau, so I doubt any of you would believe that excuse anyway. All I have to offer is that November was simply a tough month. November has 30 nights (yes, and days). I spent 16 of those 30 nights away from home and apart from Radar. Four separate trips - to BVI, Panama, Panama again and Zurich. It’s now December, but as I write this, I am sitting in my hotel room in the Cayman Islands and next week I head to Costa Rica again for a few more nights.

I’m not complaining, but it has made sneaking in blog posts a little tough lately. When I get home, I want to maximize my Radar time and I have to deal with both his super clinginess, his extra snuggleness and his propensity for punishing me with dictatorial bossiness. Again – not complaining (wah, wah, wah…)

So – being that I’m in Cayman at the moment, I don’t even have my camera to post a few pictures or a video of my little king. But things should calm down now over the next couple of weeks as I’ve got very little on my plate (aside from Radar’s 3rd birthday on the 16th, both a doctor’s appointment and Radar’s first dentist appointment, visits to the vet to get travel vaccines and travel documentation for Fanny and Mulligan, Christmas, a trip to Florida, moving to Costa Rica in early January, registering Radar in a new school for both the spring term in Costa Rica and in Nassau for next fall, etc, etc.) and I should have plenty of time to be a better blogger!

Anyhoo… I will at least promise some pictures by tomorrow (and a video, if I can convince Radar) so that you can all see how my handsome and vivacious little boy continues to grow into who he is becoming (what?).

Lots of love,



Tia Sara said...

Woo Hoo! You're back! For a while there I thought Fanny had eaten your laptop! Look for a nice big place in Costa Rica cause you will have visitors....Besos

Lali said...

Yah!!! I can't wait for the pictures. You are forgiven. Just keep blogging!

Tia Lali