Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday my three year old Moon

at 8:37 tonight
whether you’re asleep or still awake
i’m going to kiss your sweet face
just like I did for the first time
exactly three years ago at 8:37

as beautiful a picture as words can paint
they just can’t quantify or explain
what you do for my mind and my heart
words fall short

because when you fall sleep
i still study every detail of your face
sometimes tracing the contours of those delicious chubby cheeks with my finger
in absolute wonder
and i actually feel a heat radiate from within me

i feel that heat a lot
when you sing a new song
mangling the words into the sounds as you hear them
or when you never fail to notice that the sun is going down
or that the moon is out
or that the sun has come back up

if i’d read every book in the world
and seen every movie and every play
and been given a lifetime to sit and create
some awesome fictional character with my words
i could never have come up with a character as
as you

but since words are what i can offer this evening
and since you might actually read these words one day
i’ll write the words that I say to you every single day

i love you i love you i love you
i love you more than the sun and the moon and all the stars in all the sky
i even love you more than all the chocolate in all the world

and to borrow from a poem I wrote to you when you turned 9 months old, it all still holds just as true!!!

Happy Birthday my Moon

If I could eat the moon with a spoon,
I know it would taste like you.

If every star was a fine tuned guitar,
You'd be all of the songs up there too.

If the great big sun was a big ball of fun,
It would be boring without your light.

And if this spinning earth hadn't seen your birth,
Then nothing would be quite right.

You aren't just my smart, silly, sweet special son,
You're my food and my music and all of my fun.

You aren't just a normal three year old boy...

You're my everything.
You're my life.
You're my joy.



Lali said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful boy. Looks like a wonderful party and assortment of treats!

All my love,
Tia Lali

Anonymous said...

happy b-day Rafael. I hope you ate everyone of the marshmallows.


Tio Rafa

Tia Sara said...

Happy Birthday Radar! Tia Marco and I actually remembered you on the day, but got sidetracked. Is that a Bull shirt you have on? Lucky you!